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    Hot Springs

    National Park Arkansas

Be A Junior Ranger

black and white line drawing of Hot Springs National Park Junior Ranger badge

Children may earn the Junior Ranger badge by completing part of the Junior Ranger Activity Booklet. You can get one free of charge at the park visitor center. After you complete several activities, bring the booklet back to the park visitor center to get your badge!

Or, if you're not able to visit the park, you can download the booklet, answer the questions from information on the website, and then send it to the park to receive your badge. Make sure you include your name and address so we can send the badge to you. Send it to the park address on the home page.

There is also a Junior Trail Ranger program at the park. You can explore three park trails and do five activities. Read more about it.

Did You Know?

black and white photo of bronze eagle on top of limestone

In 1892 U.S. Army Lt. Robert R. Stevens hired the noted Boston firm of Frederick Law Olmsted to create landscaping plans for Hot Springs Reservation, now Hot Springs National Park. Stevens rejected the firm’s plans in 1893, but some features were adopted and still survive today.