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Donations Accepted of Homestead Act Related Items

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your old documents, photographs, or other objects that pertain to your family's homesteading heritage? If so, you might want to consider contacting Homestead National Monument of America. The monument can accept donations of paper documents, antiques, or other historic items.

The monument has a collection of over 50,000 items, with all objects, documents, and photographs related to homesteading, the National Park Service, or Homestead National Monument of America. The types of items currently in the monument's collection vary greatly and include farm implements and implement catalogs and brochures, farm tools, household items, children's toys, draft animal equipment, medical equipment, photographs, and homestead documents. These objects all tie to our Nation's homesteading story and play an important role in preserving this part of our Nation's history.

Items relating to the Homestead Act that are donated to the monument will be preserved for the benefit of future generations so that they might better understand farming practices and the lives of people as related to homesteading.

If you would like more information about donation please contact:

Jason Jurgena
Museum Curator
e-mail us

Did You Know?

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Volunteers give over 27,000 hours of service to Homestead National Monument of America each year. If you would like to join, contact Susan Cook at 402-223-3514. -- Homestead National Monument of America