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Plan Your Visit

There are many things to do at Homestead. Visitors often tell us they wish they had more time to visit, but you can still see a lot even if you are just passing through. Learn more about what you can see and plan your trip by going to the Things To Do page.


Heritage Center

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Heritage Center opened May 20, 2007. The new facility has expanded the homesteading story with new interactive displays, a magnificent view of the tallgrass prairie as early pioneers might have seen and a one acre parking lot to give visitors a feeling for the enormous task homesteaders faced.

Visit the Palmer-Epard Cabin, which was first built in 1867, and now sits near the Heritage Center.


Education Center

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At the Education Center, view the special exhibits and visit the Farm Implement Room.

Nearby is the one room Freeman School house.

An easy hike onto the Tallgrass Prairie gives a close-up view of the habitat for a variety of wildlife. Enjoy the homesteaders views of the wide open spaces.

Kids in Parks
Children take part in the Great Bug Hunt, a Kids in the Parks program, a National Park Service initiative to immerse children in nature.
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Did You Know?

Women in period dress

Women were allowed to claim 160 acres of land under the Homestead Act, 60 years before they earned the right to vote.