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  • 04/05/2011

    Location: Kilauea Visitor Center Auditorium | Map Time: 7:00 PM Fee Information: Event is Free - $2.00 Donation Requested - Park Entrance Fees Apply Contact Name: Dean Gallagher Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: 808-985-6014

The 1790 eruption was Kilauea's largest explosive event in at least 800 years, and the more than 80 fatalities give Kilauea the dubious distinction of being the most lethal volcano in the United States. What was the eruption like? What killed the people? Where did the deaths occur? Could it happen again? When? Don Swanson, geologist at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, will present the results of his recent research on the eruption with Bruce Houghton and Samantha Weaver from the University of Hawai`i at Manoa. Their research suggests answers to many of the questions and puts the 1790 eruption in perspective relative to the rest of Kilauea's eruptive activity.


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