• Cub Creek winds through the woodland at Hometstead National Monument of America.


    National Monument of America Nebraska


Chautauqua Park - South side of Beatrice, 3 1/2 blocks east off 6th Street [U. S. 77] on Gable Street. Electircal hoo-ups [30 and 50 amp] for 20 units each with sewer hook up and water hydrants.

Riverside Park - West side of Beatrice, 4 blocks north off Court Street [U. S. 136] on Sumner Street. Electrical hook-up [20 amp] for 10 units.

Gage County Fairgrounds - West side of Beatrice, 2 blocks south off Court street [U. S. 136] on Logan Street. Electrical hook-ups, dump staton.

Rockford Lake State Recreation Area - 8 miles east of Beatrice on U. S. 136 and 2 miles south on South 94th Road. Electrical hook-ups for 30 units; 77 sites without electricity. Nebraska State Park Use Permit Required.

Rock Creek Station State Recreation Area - 21 miles west of Beatrice on U. S. 136 to Jansen and then 4 1/2 miles south on 573rd Avenue. Electrical hook-ups for 25 units, 10 sites without electricity, dump station. Nebraska State Park Use Permit Required.

Big Indian Natural Resources District Recreation Area - 15 miles south of Beatrice on U. S. 77 and 3 miles east on East Sycamore Road.

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Sunrise over prairie

The Homestead Act, Emancipation Proclamation and the Railroad Act were passed at the same time and worked together to move emigrants to the west for settlement.