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Solomon Butcher standing in front of his first Nebraska house

Solomon Butcher in front of his first Nebraska house

Nebraska State Historical Society

Solomon D. Butcher, born in 1856, came with his family to the plains of Nebraska in 1880 and filed a homestead claim. He soon discovered homesteading wasn't for him. Needing a way to support his family and having admiration for those with the determination to survive and prosper on the plains and having previous experience as a photographer; he set out to create a photographic history of pioneer life. Between 1886 and 1912 Butcher generated a collection of more than 3,000 photographs. Butcher's collection is maintained and administered by the Nebraska State Historical Society and is available online at the American Memory portion of the Library of Congress website.


Did You Know?

Women in period dress

Women were allowed to claim 160 acres of land under the Homestead Act, 60 years before they earned the right to vote.