• Cub Creek winds through the woodland at Hometstead National Monument of America.


    National Monument of America Nebraska


Eastern Cottontail.

Eastern Cottontail.

NPS Photo.

With its variety of habitats, the Monument is home to many kinds of mammals. White-tailed deer abound. Coyotes, red fox, otters, weasels, badgers, raccoons, shrews, nine different kinds of bats, about two dozen different kinds of rodents, and many other kinds of mammals have been seen inside the boundaries of the Monument. While most of these animals are nocturnal and secretive; a walk on the trails is sure to bring a glimpse of an eastern cottontail or an eastern fox squirrel.

Download the list of mammals found on the monument.


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While plowing 1 acre of ground, the homesteader walked 10 miles. So to plow the required 10 acres for his homestead, the homesteader had to walk a minimum of 100 miles.