• Cub Creek winds through the woodland at Hometstead National Monument of America.


    National Monument of America Nebraska


Homestead National Monument of America encompasses multiple habitats in which to observe wildlife. The Monument is home to over 100 species of birds which live in the tallgrass prairie and woodland. Trails meander through both of these habitats, giving visitors many opportunities for bird-watching. Mammals such as white-tailed deer, beaver, rabbit, squirrel, and coyote can also be seen, as well as amphibians and fish.

Many of these animals rely on the wide variety of insects present on the prairie. Insects are a food source for songbirds and reptiles, and they are vital in the pollination of wildflowers.

Did You Know?

Demonstrating candlemeking

Volunteers give over 27,000 hours of service to Homestead National Monument of America each year. If you would like to join, contact Susan Cook at 402-223-3514.