• Look for the Homestead Quarter starting February 2015.


    National Monument of America Nebraska

Parks as Classrooms

Field Trips

Exciting hands-on learning activities await school and community groups at Homestead National Monument of America. These activities are based upon Homestead's curriculum guide.

Curriculum Materials

Homestead National Monument of America 's K-12 curriculum guide includes the following topic areas The Homestead Act and President Lincoln, American Indians, Frontier Education, Homesteaders, Prairie Animals, Prairie Fire, Prairie Plants, Prairie Insects, and Water Quality.

Traveling Trunks

Homestead's traveling bison herd wants to come to your classroom! Each traveling trunk has a Buddy Bison that travels with it so they can tell the stories of their adventures as they cross the United States. Each Buddy Bison brings with them hands on activities to enhance student learning in a variety of topic areas.