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Featured Acquisitions

The museum collection at Homestead National Monument of America has some fantastic donations given by family members of Daniel Freeman as well as significant personal items from the last homesteader himself, Kenneth Deardorff.

Ken Deardorff’s documents and artifacts relating to his homestead include his original patent, dog sled, pelt stretcher, draw knife and his rifle.

A relative of Daniel and Agnes Freeman, Betsy Menzel from Ohio donated Daniel Freeman’s sword, a family wedding dress, and photographs. All of these donations have the Homestead National Monument of America Museum Collection a fantastic representation of homesteading life.

Kenneth Deardorff's Rifle
Kenneth Deardorff's Rifle

Did You Know?


While plowing 1 acre of ground, the homesteader walked 10 miles. So to plow the required 10 acres for his homestead, the homesteader had to walk a minimum of 100 miles.