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    National Monument of America Nebraska

Distance Learning Opportunities

Homestead NM Park Ranger transmits over Distance Learning Station

Park Ranger transmits over Distance Learning Station

Homestead NM

Homestead National Monument of America Pioneers in Distance Learning:

The National Park Service promotes excellence in educational experiences at all NPS sites. A Distance Learning connection with Homestead National Monument of America provides a quality enrichment activity. Programs support state and national curriculum standards.

Explore the new Heritage Center interactive exhibits in a virtual tour. These exhibits share the story of the Homestead Act of1862 and its impacts on U.S. history. Topics include western expansion, homesteading history, the American Indian experience, improvements in agriculture and technology, homesteader daily living, Great Plains weather and the tallgrass prairie.

Examine 50,000 museum objects available as primary sources.

Discover 100 acres of tallgrass prairie representing a “living laboratory” for science-based programs, including water quality and prescribed burns on the tallgrass prairie.

Participate in History and Cultural Resource Programs:

Follow the Buffalo: Examine the use of land for survival and the importance of the buffalo to Plains Indians.

Palmer-Epard Cabin: Travel back in time to a cabin built in 1867. Imagine your life as an early homesteader.

Freeman School: Visit a one-room school house attended from 1872-1967. Experience an old-fashioned school day.

Join us for special events throughout the year, incuding naturalization ceremonies, when immigrants take an oath to become U.S. citizens and the Heartland Storytelling Festival.

Programs can be tailored to support your learning outcomes.

Schools that are interested should contact:

Tina Miller
Education Coordinator
Homestead National Monument of America

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Learn about planning a field trip to Homestead National Monument and about the Curriculum Based 4th-6th Grade Teachers Guide.

Did You Know?

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The Homestead Act, Emancipation Proclamation and the Railroad Act were passed at the same time and worked together to move emigrants to the west for settlement.