• Hopewell Furnace Village

    Hopewell Furnace

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Public Transportation

There are no public transportation systems that directly service the park.


Greyhound bus services are located in Reading, Pennsylvania, approximately 15 miles from the park.


Amtrak and regional rail service is available at Downingtown Pennsylvania, approximately 20 miles from the park.


The nearest airports to Hopewell Furnace are Philadelphia International Airport (PA) and Harrisburg International Airport (PA). Both are approximately 1 1/4 hours travel time from the park by automobile.

Did You Know?

The air blast is directed through the Tuyere as it enters the furnace.

The term "Cold Blast" refers to air being drawn directly from the outside atmosphere and entered into a furnace by its bellows machinery. A "Hot Blast" system pre-heated the air before entry, a more efficient means of increasing temperature in a furnace. Hopewell Furnace was a cold blast furnace.