• Hopewell Furnace Village

    Hopewell Furnace

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

History & Culture

The history of Hopewell Furnace spans two centuries -- from its untouched natural state as a part of the great eastern American forests -- to its rebirth as a recreational and cultural history area. In between are the stories of industrial development, technology, community, craftsmanship, and natural resources that together changed America. In this section of our web site, you can learn more about the many stories Hopewell Furnace has to tell of the history of our nation, people and land.

Bethesda Church

The Apple Orchard at Hopewell Furnace


Hopewell Furnace's Water Wheel

Hopewell's Iron Ore Mines

Hopewell Furnace in the American Revolution

African-Americans at Hopewell Furnace

The Miners of Hopewell Furnace

Woman's Work at Hopewell Furnace

Hopewell Big Woods

Did You Know?

The air blast is directed through the Tuyere as it enters the furnace.

The term "Cold Blast" refers to air being drawn directly from the outside atmosphere and entered into a furnace by its bellows machinery. A "Hot Blast" system pre-heated the air before entry, a more efficient means of increasing temperature in a furnace. Hopewell Furnace was a cold blast furnace.