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    Hopewell Culture

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EN Bookstore in Visitor Center
Bookstore at the Mound City Group Visitor Center

Eastern National was founded by NPS rangers in 1947 at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Eastern National

The park's cooperating association, Eastern National, manages the bookstore at the Mound City Group Visitor Center. We offer a variety of books, maps, postcards, games, and other educational materials related to the park's cultural and natural resources. We carry some popular, current publications and also some rare, hard-to-find scholarly publications in our bookstore. We also have many items that would be perfect for that special, memorable gift. A portion of the profits is returned to the park to support interpretive and resource management programs.

You can also make purchases online by visiting our online bookstore, managed by Eastern National.

Learn more about our Cooperating Association partner Eastern National.

Mound City VC Bookstore Photos
Items available for purchase at the Mound City Visitor Center
Stained Glass Panels

Bill Huebner poses in front of the stained glass panels he created.

Credit to Ranger Susan Knisley for the photo and article write-up, which first appeared in the 2009 Hopewell Happenings Newsletter.

Stained Glass Art

In the summer of 2008, William Huebner, the park's Eastern National Bookstore Manager, began designing his own creative interpretations of the five earthwork sites protected by Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. Based on maps drawn in the 1840's by Squier & Davis, William used stained glass to represent the geometric layouts of Mound City Group, Hopewell Mound Group, Seip Earthworks, Hopeton Earthworks and High Banks Earthworks. William has enjoyed working with stained glass for years. While mainly a hobby, he says he will continue to create panels as new inspirations come. Today, these panels can be seen hanging in the widows of the Mound City Group visitor center adding interest, imagination and inspiration to the park.

Did You Know?

Copper effigy bird

People of the Hopewellian Culture made extensive use of copper from the Lake Superior region, near the Keweenaw peninsula and Isle Royal area. Copper was worked into elaborate objects and effigy artwork without using smelting techniques. More...