• A cool & crisp autumn sunrise at the Mound City Group

    Hopewell Culture

    National Historical Park Ohio

Things To Know Before You Come

Climate Information

The park lies in the south central Ohio area, about a one hour drive south of Columbus. This puts the park in a humid continental zone with a generally temperate climate. Winters are mildly cold with average temperatures around 30 degrees (F). Summers are hot and humid with an average temperature around 75 degrees (F). Average annual total rainfall is just under 38". Snowfall in the winter is generally light with an average total snowfall of less than 24".

Lodging Information

No lodging is available at the park. A variety of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and campgrounds are available within a short distance. View a list of area accommodations from the Ross Chillicothe Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Food is not available for purchase within the park. There are no vending machines. A variety of restaurants are located near the Mound City Group unit. View a list of area restaurants from the Ross Chillicothe Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Only service animals are allowed in park buildings. Leashed animals are permitted on trails. Pet owners are responsible for picking up after their pet.


Interpretive trails at the Mound City Group unit are accessible, although trails may be slightly uneven due to surfaces of grass, gravel, and wood chips.

A 2.5 mile trail is accessible at the Hopewell Mound Group unit. Trail is partially paved, gravel and grass. This site also contains a covered picnic shelter and accessible restrooms.

Seip Earthworks has no paved trails. Trails may be uneven and only mowed grass. No restrooms at this site, but there is a covered picnic area.

Did You Know?

State Route 104 entrance

Established on March 2nd, 1923 as Mound City Group National Monument, the park was the first federally created National Park Service site in Ohio. President Warren G. Harding, a native of Ohio, established the national monument using powers granted to him under Section 2 of the 1906 Antiquities Act. The park was eventually re-named Hopewell Culture National Historical Park on May 27th, 1992 after congressional legislation was approved in the House and the Senate. More...