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    Hopewell Culture

    National Historical Park Ohio

Multimedia Presentations

Official Videos of
Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Archeology
(Time 07:18)

Join Park Ranger Susan Knisley as she demonstrates one of the more popular lesson plans from Hopewell Culture's curriculum guide, "Expeditions Into Ohio's Past."

Shriver Circle Geophysical Survey
(Time 06:10)

Watch archeological consultant Jarrod Burks use a sophisticated electronic geophysical instrument to relocate a prehistoric earthwork last mapped by Squier and Davis more than 150 years ago.




Games & Trivia

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HOCU Trivia Bee web 2

Hopewell Culture Trivia Bee

This computer quiz game asks 50 multiple-choice questions about Hopewell Culture's rich history. It is presented in PowerPoint, so most players won't need special equipment, software or instructions to get started. A separate, printable tally sheet is provided so that players can keep track of questions that they have answered correctly. While the game doesn't keep score or track mistakes, that doesn't preclude players from making up their own way of determining winners and losers. It can be played alone or as a group activity, especially if large-screen projection equipment is available.

Did You Know?

State Route 104 entrance

Established on March 2nd, 1923 as Mound City Group National Monument, the park was the first federally created National Park Service site in Ohio. President Warren G. Harding, a native of Ohio, established the national monument using powers granted to him under Section 2 of the 1906 Antiquities Act. The park was eventually re-named Hopewell Culture National Historical Park on May 27th, 1992 after congressional legislation was approved in the House and the Senate. More...