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2011 Hopewell Happenings - Click to download


Two newsletters are available for your enjoyment:

  • Hopewell Happenings is the official park newsletter detailing the resources, people, and projects of the park. Click here or click the photo to the right to open the most current Hopewell Happenings newsletter. For past editions of the newsletter, click here to be taken to the archives.

  • Hopewell Archeology Newsletter is published by the Midwest Archeological Center and contains articles about current archeological research, both on and off park lands. This newsletter is only available electronically, click here to see current and past editions.

Did You Know?

Arch. Atlas of Ohio-Mills

William Mills documented the presence of 49 enclosures and 370 mounds in Ross County in his book entitled "Archaeological Atlas of Ohio," published in 1914.