• Aerial photo of Mound City Group - Photo courtesy of Ryan Fisher

    Hopewell Culture

    National Historical Park Ohio


Come see the wildflowers at the park.
Throughout the year, various flowers may be observed depending on the season. Some of the many spring flowers, such as spring beauty, bloodroot, Dutchman’s breeches, and yellow trout-lily, blossom before leaf out. During the summer, common milkweed, butterfly weed, black-eyed Susan, and purple coneflower brighten the landscape. Later in the year, goldenrod and white snake root accompany the autumn colors in the trees. Native prairie grasses and forbs have been planted at Hopewell Mound Group and Hopeton Earthworks. The wildflower show there is best in the summer when the prairie plants thrive despite the heat. Eventually, most of the park land will be converted to native grasslands.

Did You Know?

Least weasel, the smallest living carnivore.

The smallest living carnivore uses the grounds at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park for hunting and nesting. Least weasels mainly prey on meadow voles, but will dine on shrews, moles, birds, and insects. More...