• A rainbow arches over the Mound City Group after a thunderstorm

    Hopewell Culture

    National Historical Park Ohio


Try looking on the forest floor for a box turtle.
Eleven reptiles have been documented on park land including three Ohio State Species of Concern: eastern garter snake, eastern box turtle, and false map turtle. These ecotherms, organisms that regulate their body temperature through behavior such as sunning, wait for the warmer weather before becoming active. Once conditions are right, a moist, forest floor may stir with activity from eastern box turtles, brown snakes, and eastern garter snakes. After scanning the ground, be sure to look up and check to see if any black rat snakes may be out sunning in the trees. Along the Scioto River or Paint Creek, the sound of splashing may mark the hasty retreat of sunning common map turtles or spiny softshell turtles. In open areas, racers may also be out and about. Other reptiles to keep an eye out for are milksnakes, northern water snakes, and common snapping turtles. These animals are generally secretive in nature, therefore spotting them takes patience and keen observational skills, but is usually well worth the effort.

Did You Know?

Obsidian spear point

Obsidian has been found at a few Hopewell earthwork sites. The majority of obsidian, several hundred pounds, was found in one mound at Hopewell Mound Group. Much of the obsidian is from Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - over 1,500 miles away. More...