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Expeditions into Ohio's Past

Welcome to Hopewell Culture NHP's newly updated curriculum section! Here you will find the park's current curriculum guide Expeditions into Ohio's Past. This integrated teachers guide was developed by our interpretion and education rangers using Ohio academic standards. You have the option of downloading the electronic version of the curriculum guide either as one complete file, or you can download individual sections at any time. The individual sections are much smaller and quicker to download than the entire guide all at once. (All downloads are PDF files). This guide will provide you and your students the tools to understand and appreciate Ohio's prehistoric past. We encourage teachers to visit the park with their class to supplement the curriculum found in this guide. Hard copies of the curriculum guide are available to teachers at no cost when visiting the park. Again, welcome and enjoy your expedition into Ohio's past!

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  • A ranger on tour with kids - Hopewell Culture's curriculum guide

    Download the complete Teacher's Curriculum Guide here.  This option contains all the sections that are bound together in the hard copy.  Developed by Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, this curriculum was intended for grades 3 - 5.  However, we encourage teachers and students of all ages to utilize the contents of this guide to help broaden their knowledge of the prehistoric Hopewellian people.

    Grade level:
    Third Grade-Twelfth Grade
    American Indian History and Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, History
  • Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

    Section 6 - Ohio Academic Content Standards

    Section 6 - Ohio Academic Content Standards

    Academic content, standards, benchmarks and grade-level indicator information can be found here.

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