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    Hopewell Culture

    National Historical Park Ohio

Parks as Classrooms

Curriculum Materials

Are you searching for reliable & accurate information about the Hopewell culture to enhance your lesson plans? Would you like to include more archeology activities in your science or social studies lessons? Would you like to make your next fieldtrip to Hopewell Culture NHP a more rewarding experience for your students? "Expeditions into Ohio's Past" is just what you've been looking for.

Guest Speakers

If you and your class can't make it to the park, we can come to you. Rangers are available to visit your class and provide curriculum-based programs that feature actual prehistoric tools and artifacts. Visits can be tailored to one class or multiple classes for the day.

Field Trips

Bring your class to Hopewell Culture National Historical Park and immerse your students in the history and the culture that only a first-hand experience can deliver. Walk amongst the mounds, explore the artifacts in the museum and learn about daily life during the Hopewellian period. It's a unique educational experience that your class will never forget.

Curriculum Materials

National History Day in Ohio is the culmination of a year-long program in which students create a project for submission and review. Projects are based in primary and secondary research. Here you can find information about the annual theme, event details for District 9 and information on participating in being a judge for the event. Hopewell Culture is proud to co-host the district 9 event.