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Silverware Cabinet
Cabinet by Crown RC & S, Sevlre and Lever
Cutlery by Sheffield, England

Sir Winston Churchill, on behalf of the people of the United Kingdom, presented Eisenhower with a cabinet for silverware that features an inlaid silver medallion engraved in recognition of Eisenhower’s military services. It was produced by the British cutlers in Sheffield, England.

The medallion, set into the top of the cabinet, is engraved with the following: "To The Hon. Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States of America. In appreciation of his courage and leadership when, with the Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Churchill, KG, OM, CH, MP, he and the United States and British forces fought together as allies against the power of dictatorship. Presented on behalf of The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire in the County of York, England by Sir Peter Roberts BT, MP, Master Cutler 1956-57, Sheffield July 1957."

The cabinet is lined, and includes two sets of flatware, one with mother-of-pearl handles and one solid silver, in Kings pattern. It was installed in 1961 at the Eisenhower White House.
Wood, fabric, silver. W 49.5, L 92.1 cm
Eisenhower National Historic Site, EISE 804