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Park Name photo: View of sunset from Likiep Atoll of the Marshall Islands.
Program Background continued

photo: Beach in Pohnpei of the FSM.

Core elements of each local program include but are not limited to the following...
  • Survey and inventory of cultural resources.
  • Nomination of significant cultural resources to the National Register of Historic Places or local equivalents.
  • Multi-year planning for identification and preservation of significant cultural resources.
  • Review of U.S. funded or permitted projects for their consideration of significant cultural resources.
  • Providing information and assistance to the public on historic preservation and cultural resources management.

The Marshall Islands, FSM, and Palau are independent nations that were temporarily U.S. Trust Territories after World War II. Their eligiblity to receive HPF frants is based on the terms of each nation's Compact of Free Association with the U.S. By law these nations are allowed limited flexibility in meeting HPF requirements so that they can better address their unique cultural needs. For example, they can pursue projects to document and record ethnographic sites, oral history, and traditional builidng techniques.

Professional standards and guidelines used in HPF funded prgrams are those of the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guildelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation.

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