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What & When to Repair
The Wall System   Trim

wood trim unrepaired
Wood trim before repair. Photo: ŠJohn Leeke.




Not Recommended
Losing Connections. The roll molding under this window cap is missing. A leak in the window cap above let water in to rust out the nails that held the molding in place.

wood trim repaired
Wood trim after repair. Photo: ŠJohn Leeke.

Re-Connecting. Carpenters have made new molding to match the old. A sheet metal cap still needs to be placed on top of the wood cap to keep water out over the long-term.

Plan your work: Survey exterior woodwork every two years for paint peeling to bare
wood. This indicates a high level of moisture, which usually leads to decay.
Maintenance tip: Investigate problem spots to determine causes and sources of moisture. If wood is still sound, spot prime and paint. If wood is decayed, patch with a wood Dutchman; or if parts are missing, replace them using matching materials.


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