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What & When to Repair
The Wall System    Clapboards

Clapboard before repair
Clapboard before repair. Photo: ŠJohn Leeke.

Not Recommended.
Losing Connections. This wood clapboard is split and letting water into the wall. It was cracked during re-nailing because the carpenter put his nail in the middle of the clapboard instead of near the edge. After several years of weathering, the clapboard has split open along the crack and fallen away. This lets water into the wall. It needs to be repaired immediately.

after repair
Clapboard after repair. Photo: ŠJohn Leeke.


Re-Connecting. A broken clapboard is easily repaired. This one was replaced with one that matches the size and type of the neighboring clapboards. With a coat of primer and two topcoats of paint, this repair will last as long as the original clapboards next to it.

Plan your work: Inspect for damage once every five years and make spot repairs, as needed.

Maintenance tip: Repair using methods, procedures and techniques that respect the original parts and system. Match adjacent materials in type, size and quality.

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