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Such a Superficial Answer!

5. If you have many windows that need repair, but limited time, you should:

A. Paint the wood to give a nice appearance.

That's truly a "skin deep" answer, but unfortunately, simply giving the windows a nice appearance doesn't qualify as routine maintenance. What you should do is repair the worst two or three windows each year. Here are some specific tasks that you, or a qualified contractor, should set out to do. 1. Inspect the window unit to see if water is entering around the edges of the frame. If so, caulk the joints or seams. 2. Check the glazing putty for cracked, loose, or missing sections. Also inspect the back putty on the interior side of the pane.
3. Be sure the sill slopes away from the house so water can drain off. 4. Check for paint failure because that means the wood is at risk. If the wood is sound, you can scrape and paint the windows, which is what you wanted to do in the first place. If the wood needs replacement, you are out of a maintenance mode!

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