From the Roof Down...and Skin Deep
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You're Right!

3. When problems occur at the roof, along the walls, or at the foundation, it's generally because:

B. The connections between the house's parts are failing.

Yes, that's the answer! It's really important to know how the various parts of your historic house are connected to form a continuous "skin." This is key to understanding why your house is either weathertight and cozy--or leaky and troublesome.

From roof ridge to ground, when the house is tightly connected with all systems functioning, the exterior and interior are protected from the weather. How? Rain rolls smoothly across the painted walls; is captured by the gutters and downspouts; and flows away from the foundation walls of the house through appropriate grading. If that is not happening, one or more of the house's systems--and its parts--need repair, then ongoing maintenance.

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