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3. When problems occur at the roof, along the walls, or at the foundation, it's generally because:

A. Your historic house was poorly built.

The fact that your house looks haunted probably isn't the fault of the builder, although you wish it were so you could blame the house instead of your own maintenance practices.

The original builder made all the parts of your house fit tightly together as a sheild against the weather. Undoubtedly, subsequent owners haven't repaired it over time using the best practices or materials. When the connections between parts of your house fail through lack of maintenance, then you see problems at the roof, or along the walls, or at the foundation--or all three! Check out your house thoroughly at those points, make the necessary repairs, then practice ongoing maintenance. If your problems are more than "skin deep" so that replacement of historic materials is indicated, then by all means contact a preservation professional for advice. Big problems requiring big money are beyond the scope of this distance learning site.

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