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Here's a Haunted House!

2. What way was suggested to determine the condition of your house's "skin?"

C. Look at it close up.

Actually, this wasn't a really horrible answer at all. Although looking at your exterior surfaces up close to determine their existing condition is fine, how it feels to the touch can tell you far more. The answer we were looking for was "rub the surfaces with your open hand."

Why use this method? The original builder made all those parts fit tightly together, and everyone who has owned it since should ideally have kept it that way. For example, when you rub the surfaces with your open hand, does it feel rough and jagged? Do loose paint chips scrape your skin? If you get splinters and worry about cutting yourself on sharp glass or rusty nails, then something is wrong. The surfaces should feel smooth and burnished--if they don't, you need to need to revise your ongoing maintenance schedule because the house is deteriorating right under your nose!

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