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5. If moisture collects on the inside of your windows in the winter:

 C. Find out what is causing it, then vent moisture to the outside.

Moisture that collects inside your house in the form of condensation is usually from a specific source in the kitchen, bath or laundry room.

Ventilation fans for these areas can reduce or eliminate this problem. If there is a room humidifier or the central heating system has a humidifier element, check to make sure they are not releasing too much moisture into the air. Change the setting to reduce the amount of moisture output. If you've tried these simple control measures and you still have window condensation, then consider installing storm windows.

Raising the heat is not energy efficient, is costly, and may not be necessary, if you can control the source of moisture with ventilation. Finally, wiping the window glass is a good temporary measure and will keep the paint from peeling on the window muntins, but it will not solve the problem. As you have learned, moisture generated in the kitchen, bath, basement and laundry room should be extracted through a ventilation fan.


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