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No regrets -- but it's one point for the Wet Invaders.

1. The best time to discover how moisture is getting into your house is:

 C. During and after a big rain.

In fact, next time it rains, go outside with an umbrella and watch how water run-off is handled at your house. Can you see water flowing over blocked gutters? Is water ponding at the bottom of the downspouts? Are there low spots around the house that are holding water against the foundation?

Now, take a trip into your attic or basement with a flashlight and see if there are damp areas or water drip marks. If the answer is "YES," to these questions, clean your gutters and do roof and foundation repairs to resolve these problems. As far as the other answers, seeing much of anything in a snow storm is unlikely! And looking on a sunny day may be too late for your house!

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