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Historic Preservation Planning Program aerial view of 19th-century town (NPS photo)
What You Can Do

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Learn about planning in your community. Become involved in the planning process by attending planning meetings to ensure that decision-makers preserve and protect the unique character of the historic landscapes in which you live, work and play.

Support your SHPO and share your ideas and viewpoints about historic preservation by completing questionnaires, attend public meeting and workshops, and bringing issues which you feel are important within your community. The Historic Preservation Planning Program of the National Park Service develops national policy related to historic preservation planning and carries out activities in two major areas:

Remember that planning is just one ingredient in the preservation process. Always consider planning's effects on historic buildings, landscapes, landmarks, archaeological sites, and other cultural resources.

Planning Standards and Guidelines
Planning Companion
Local Historic Preservation Planning
Statewide Preservation Planning
What You Can Do
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