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The following Heritage Preservation Services publications are offered FREE OF CHARGE, subject to availability. Please send an e-mail to with your address and telephone number, and list of requested materials. Note that most of these publications are available on-line. For additional free publications, visit the HPS Free Bookshelf.

Cultural Resources Partnership Notes is a series of short booklets that provide information on historic preservation planning, related planning and land-use topics, and preservation strategies for federal agencies, Indian tribes, states, and local governments. This series incorporates and updates many of the titles included in the original Local Preservation series, and new titles will be added. Titles currently available in print and on-line include:

Issues Paper: Conservation Districts.  Two short essays by Robert E. Stipe and by Carole Zellie (1993; revised 1998)

Law and the Historic Preservation Commission: What Every Member Needs to Know.  James K. Reap and Melvin B. Hill, Jr. (2007)

Local Preservation Reference Shelf.  An annotated historic preservation bibliography by the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (1999)

Subdivision and Historic Preservation.  Stephen A. Morris (1992; revised 1998)

Zoning and Historic Preservation.  Stephen A. Morris (1989; revised 1998)

Guidelines for Local Surveys: A Basis for Preservation Planning (formerly National Register Bulletin 24). Anne Derry, H. Ward Jandl, Carol D. Shull, and Jan Thorman; revised by Patricia L. Parker. Guidance for communities, organizations, federal and state agencies, and individuals undertaking surveys of historic resources and incorporating survey results into planning. 112 pages. 1985. Available only on-line.

History on the Line: Testimony in the Cause of Preservation. Richard W. Longstreth. Selection of testimony delivered before the Historic Preservation Review Board and other public officials in the District of Columbia between 1986 and 1996. The book can easily serve as a guide and model for preparing testimony on significance issues before government review boards throughout the country. 114 pages. 1998. Also available on-line.

Local Historic Preservation Plans: A Selected Annotated Bibliography. Neil Gagliardi and Stephen Morris. An overview of the range of local historic preservation plans developed and used across the country, including information on how a number of communities have addressed various issues in their preservation plans. Index by topic. 26 pages. 1993. [Note: This publication is currently out of print; photocopy will be provided.]

Preservation Planning: Ensuring a Future for Our Past. Thematic issue of CRM magazine. Available on-line.

Protecting Archeological Sites on Private Lands. Susan L. Henry, with Geoffrey M. Gyrisco, Thomas H. Veech, Stephen A. Morris, Patricia L. Parker, and Jonathan P. Rak. Useful information on strategies for protecting archeological sites that can be used in local communities when there is no federal involvement in a project. Targeted to professional and avocational archeologists, local preservation commissions, planners, and developers. 133 pages. 1993. The 2010 update of this book is on-line at "Strategies for Protecting Archeological Sites on Private Lands."

Reaching Out, Reaching In: A Guide to Creating Effective Public Participation in State Historic Preservation Planning. Barry R. Lawson, Ellen P. Ryan, and Rebecca Bartlett Hutchison. An approach for designing public participation programs that is applicable in a variety of State Historic Preservation Office, as well as local community, contexts. 44 pages. 1993. Out of print and only available on-line.

The Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Preservation Planning. Reformatted by easier use from the broader Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation (September 1983). Available on-line. Also see the full set of the Secretary's Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation on-line at

Taking Command of Change: A Practical Guide for Applying the Strategic Development Process in State Historic Preservation Offices. Douglas Eadie. Intended to provide SHPO offices with detailed practical guidance in managing growth an change. 29 pages. 1995. Out of print and only available on-line.

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