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President Wilson said that!
Allies in a Global Struggle
"The World must be made safe for democracy."
President Woodrow Wilson

America and World War I (1914-1918). When World War I began in Europe in 1914, the official position of the United States was one of neutrality, although many Americans were sympathetic to England and France. As the war continued, President Wilson still wanted to keep America out of the war but, at the same time, he wanted to protect our rights to trade and travel anywhere in the world. This proved to be difficult. Both England and Germany stopped American ships and disrupted our freedom of passage.

By 1917, as the war in Europe was reaching its climax, Germany announced a total blockade of England that would include the stopping and sinking of American ships. In response, President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war against Germany in April, 1917. By the time the war was over in November of 1918, millions of Americans were serving with the Army in Europe; American factories and farms were supplying an abundance of goods to the English and French people; and President Woodrow Wilson was a hero all over the world. President Wilson traveled to France in 1919 to lead the American delegation to the Paris Peace Conference. He was the first American President to travel abroad while in office.

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