American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky
A New Era at Home and Abroad
   After World War II (1945-1958)

US Marine Corps Barracks and Commandant's House
We march in unison.

U.S. Marine Corps Barrracks
and Commandant's House

Washington, D.C.

   Snap! Click! Snap! Visitors to the U.S. Marine Corps Barracks usually hear the drill team even before they see it. This complex, the Barracks and Commandant's House, is the oldest, continuously active Marine Corps installation in the nation.

  The Barracks is also headquarters of the official White House musical unit, the Marine Corps Band. The Band has played for every President since Thomas Jefferson. Possibly the most exciting musical era at the Barracks was between 1880 to 1892 when John Philip Sousa, "The March King," led it. A traditional Parade is still held every Friday evening. If you go, you can hear the Band and see the Marine Drill Team with its dazzling display of military precision.  You have completed this historical tour!

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