American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky
A New Era at Home and Abroad
   After World War II (1945-1958)

Korean Veterans War Memorial
We joined other nations of the world.

Korean War Veterans Memorial
Washington, D.C.

   When communist soldiers from North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, the United Nations Security Council voted to stop the aggression. The United States and fourteen other nations sent troops to help the South Koreans. Nearly a million Chinese communists fought on the side of North Korea, and the Soviet Union helped with money and supplies.

  Although President Truman was unable to achieve a permanent peace, a truce was finally negotiated under President Eisenhower on July 27, 1953. A boundary was created to separate the two Koreas. In 1995, the Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C. to all those "who were killed in action, are still listed as missing in action, or were held as prisoners of war."

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