American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky
Economic Crisis at Home
  Between World Wars (1919-1941)

Hickam Air Force Base
We increased air strength in the Pacific.

Hickam Field
Hickam Air Force Base
Honolulu, Hawaii

   America's Army Air Corps was the flying branch of the U.S. military before we had an Air Force. The Corps built Hickam Field near Pearl Harbor Naval Base in 1935 as Hawaii's main Army airfield.

  Only six years later, when relations between the United States and Japan were at an all-time low, America sent its powerful B-17 bombers to Hickam Field in increasing numbers. From the air you can see how the three runways formed a triangle. This was the flight line where the B-17 Flying Fortress usually parked. America felt safe, with its superior air power at Hickam Field and the mighty Pacific Fleet next door at Pearl Harbor. But all that was to change on an early December morning in 1941.

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