American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky
A Nation in the Making
   The American Revolution (1775-1783)

We found an ally.

Cliveden (The Chew House)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  On a foggy October morning in 1777, General George Washington's soldiers attacked British troops in the small village of Germantown. About 120 retreating British soldiers broke into a large stone house called Cliveden, left vacant while its owners stayed in Philadelphia. Barricading themselves behind the thick walls, the British began to fire on Washington's troops. When Washington ordered a full-scale assault on Cliveden, it turned out to be a serious mistake. Musket fire aimed at the enemy inside passed through the front and rear windows, striking American soldiers behind the house!

  After several hours, the Redcoats continued to hold Cliveden. Even though we lost the battle, the French were so impressed by the American spirit--and our earlier victory at Saratoga--they decided to enter the War as an ally.

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