American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky
Economic Crisis at Home
  Between World Wars (1919-1941)

Barksdale Historic District
We beautified our surroundings on a budget.

Barksdale Field Historic District
Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

   During the country's Great Depression, the military wanted to keep the spirits of its personnel high. Installations around the country began modest peace-time construction projects, many of which were based on ideas of town planners of the time. Planners wanted to make towns more attractive, healthier places for people to live. For example, the houses at Barksdale Air Force Base were laid out in a pattern that looks somewhat like spokes on a bicycle. Where the spokes come together in the center, there is a park that everyone enjoys. Rows of trees keep you cool when you walk down the street.

  Many of today's posts and air fields date from this era of construction. Maybe your family lives on one of them!

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