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  The Struggle for Western Territory (1825-1890)

The Alamo
We added states to the union.

The Alamo
San Antonio, Texas

   You probably know the name of this old Spanish church, but do you remember its story? After 1821, Mexicans and white settlers were fighting for control of the land we now call Texas. The Texans captured the Alamo from Mexico in 1835. In January, 1836, they heard that Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and 5,000 soldiers were crossing the Mexican border, but it was too late to call in the United States Army. A small group of Texan volunteers took refuge in the Alamo and, on February 24, 1836, the famous siege began! The Texans held out for thirteen days, but were eventually outnumbered by the Mexican soldiers. All 187 defenders of the Alamo were killed, including James Bowie and Davy Crockett.

  "Remember the Alamo!" became the battlecry that spurred Sam Houston's defeat of Santa Anna at San Jacinto a few weeks later and energized the drive for Texas statehoood. When Texas became a State in 1836, Sam Houston was its first president.

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