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Pictograph Cave
We painted pictures on rock faces, cliffs, and in caves.

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Pictograph Cave
Billings, Montana

Thousands of years ago, American Indians painted pictures on rock walls using colors from the earth. These paintings are called "pictographs." Archeologists think some pictographs tell stories about the daily life of the Indians, while others tell more about the spiritual values the Indians held. Still other pictographs seem closer to the way you might sign your name on one of your own drawings or at the end of a letter you write. In the 1930s, archeologists discovered over 100 black, red and, white figures on the walls of Pictograph Cave that could be 1,500 years old. Due to vandalism, however, many of them have not survived. Wherever prehistoric rock art is found it should be carefully protected so that kids of the future can learn from it, too.

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