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Historic Preservation Planning Program Bird's-Eye View of 19th-Century Town Plan (NPS photo)

The Historic Preservation Planning Program of the National Park Service develops national policy related to historic preservation planning and carries out activities in two major areas:

  1. Oversight and administration of the statewide historic preservation planning component of State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) federal Historic Preservation Fund programs; and
  2. Development and delivery of technical assistance and guidance in historic preservation planning to a broad audience, including SHPOs, federal agencies, tribes, and local communities.

The goals of the Historic Preservation Planning Program are to:

  • strengthen the integration of historic preservation into the broader public policy and land-use planning and decision-making arenas at the federal, state, tribal, and local levels;
  • increase the opportunities for broad-based and diverse public participation in planning and historic preservation activities;
  • expand knowledge and skills in historic preservation planning; and
  • provide maximum flexibility in program administration to enable states, tribes, local governments, and federal agencies to establish and carry out preservation planning programs that are responsive to their own needs and concerns.

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