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ASAP Payment System

NPS has moved all grant accounts into a new payment system called the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP). ASAP, which replaces the SMARTLINK Payment Management System, is the system you will use to access your grant funding.

• All grant recipients MUST be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) in order to receive payment through ASAP. Register now at (SAM replaces the CCR). Click here for instructions for registering with SAM. SAM is a system outside the Department of the Interior. If you have trouble with registering with this system, please contact the SAM helpdesk directly. Registering in SAM is FREE. Do not pay to register in SAM, there are rogue internet sites asking for money. The correct SAM is .

• All grant recipients must be registered in you are registered in ASAP. If you have not yet registered in ASAP, simply submit the ASAP enrollment form to

• Please note that even if your organization is already registered in ASAP for other grants, you must register your NPS grant account with ASAP. Do this by completing the ASAP enrollment form and returning it to

• ASAP will notify you with an email when your account is active.

You must complete the steps outlined here within 45 days of the ASAP Enrollment office contacting you. If you do not do so your account will be deleted and you will have to start over from the beginning!

Once you the NPS –ASAP Enrollment Office has received your enrollment form, you will receive an email from ASAP.GOV as the (POC), Point of Contact, for your organization. You will receive a User Id (via email) and password (via regular mail). After a User Id is received, you may call 804-697-8384, Option 3 for a password if desired. You are encouraged not to wait to receive it by mail. NOTE: AS POC YOU CAN ASSIGN YOURSELF TO ALL ROLES. THIS WILL EXPEDITE THE ENROLLMENT PROCESS. AFTER YOUR ENROLLMENT IS COMPLETE YOU CAN RE-ASSIGN ROLES. If you need support assigning roles, please call our ASAP Helpdesk at: 1-855-868-0151 (option 2, then option 3).

• Maintain your account by logging in every 90 days. If your account access is deactivated due to inactivity, call the Federal Reserve Bank at 804-697-8384, select option #3. They will need your user ID to assist in resetting your password.

How to access funds in the system?
• To draw funds, submit a payment request through ASAP. Payment requests should be limited to the amount of costs incurred during the payment period. To keep clear records and assist you with payments during this change, you may wish to continue submitting a copy of the SF 270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement form to your NPS grant manager. The form is helpful in maintaining accurate financial records.

How to Request a Payment in ASAP

• If you need to return funds, you may do so within 31 days of the drawdown. Here are the Instructions for Intiating Payment Return.

How will this affect the managment of my grant?
All of the conditions of your grant agreement remain in effect and the amount of your grant award will not change. Currently, the only change being implemented is how you access your funds. In the coming months additional administrative changes may be implemented. Below is a list of important points regarding your grant.

 • Interim and Final reporting requirements have not changed. Please continue to submit completed reports to your NPS grant manager.

 • Review o fSave America's Treasures & Preserve America project plans and specifications and the Section 106 consultation process has not changed. All plans must be approved by both NPS and the SHPO prior to beginning construction work.

 • For competitive grants, NPS still holds the right to withhold 15-20% of the grant funds until we have approved all final paperwork including an executed easement, when appropriate.