Golden Places
The History of Alaska-Yukon Mining
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Preface: An Overview


Chronology: Highlights of Alaska-Yukon Mining History

Chapter 1: The New Territory

Chapter 2: Interior Riches

Chapter 3: The Stampeders

Chapter 4: Getting There

Chapter 5: Mining Towns and Characters

Chapter 6: Frontier Legends

Chapter 7: Other Stampedes

Chapter 8: Gold Rush Literature

Chapter 9: The Progress of Mining

Chapter 10: Government, Law and Natives

Chapter 11: Gates of the Arctic

Chapter 12: Wrangell-St. Elias

Chapter 13: Kennecott and Other Mines

Chapter 14: Denali

Chapter 15: Yukon-Charley

Chapter 16: Other Parks

Chapter 17: Modern Mining

Chapter 18: Significance of Mining in Alaska's Past


Index (omitted from the online edition)

Alaska's National Parklands
Significant Gold Mining Regions of Alaska
Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve
Denali National Park and Preserve

Packers on Dyea Trail
Yukon Mail at Eagle
Natives at Roadhouse at the junction of Copper and Tonsina rivers, 1903
Wortman's Roadhouse
Drift Mining
Dyea Trail, 1898
Letter to mother from prospector at Skagway
Map of Chilkoot and White Pass Trails
Alaska Steamship Company map of Alaska mineral areas
Soapy Smith's gang, shortly after the leader's death in July 1898
"Giants" at work, Tanana Valley
Cold water points thawing ground, Tanana Valley
Dredge at work
Steamboat Yukon at Dawson
Ball crusher at Nabesna Mining Company mill
Remains of flume system on Dan Creek
Boiler abandoned at Nizina
Tools left at Chititu blacksmith shop
Three-ton copper nugget found in Nugget Creek, 1903
Freighting to Chisana
Bonanza Creek, Chisana district
Nabesna Mine
Pack mules deliver the goods, Chisana, 1914
Camp on Little Eldorado Creek, Chisana district, 1913
Ed Hasey's barricade in Keystone Canyon shooting
River steamboat in Copper River and Northwestern Railway construction
Copper River and Northwestern Railway
Kennecott mill
"Sand hogs" in Caisson Building, Miles Glacier Bridge, Copper River and Northwestern Railway
School at Kennicott
Copper River valley
Copper River region
Copper ore transportation 1911-1938
Kennecott mines

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