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The History of Alaska-Yukon Mining
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I. Archival Collections

Washington. D.C. National Archives and Records Service

Records of the Department of the Interior. Record Group 48. Central Classified File. Alaska Congressional and Investigation. Bullinger-Pinchot Controversy, file 1-108, 2-24, 2-39, and 10-3.

Records of the Department of Justice, Record Group 60. Appointments Files. Letters Received from Alaska.

Records of the Adjutant General, Record Group 94. Alaska Trails, files 307198, 30929, 355877, 362888, and 423757.

Records of the Secretary of War. Correspondence Series, file 2582.

Records of the Chief Signal Officer, Record Group 111. General Correspondence Series 1889-1917. Alaska, file 17758.

Records of the United States Army. Record Group 393. Department of the Columbia. Letters Received from Alaska, Army Posts, Fort Davis 1900-1919, Fort Egbert 1899-1911, Fort Gibbon 1899-1923, Fort St. Michael 1897-1922.

Seattle. Federal Archives and Records Center

Alaska District Court Records. Record Group 21.

Bureau of Land Management. Record Group 49. Townsites Land Office Registers for Alaska Towns; Departmental Letters 1899-1904.

Anchorage. University of Alaska Archives

Chititu Mining Company Collection.

Fred W. Fickett Collection.

Dianne Gudgel Collection (Kantishna Oral History Project).

Richard T. Harris Collection.

Berkeley, California. Bancroft Library, University of California

Aylett Cotton Collection.

Edmund Heller Collection.

T. T. Lane Collection.

Turak Newman Collection.

John W. Troy Collection.

John R. Young Collection.

Eugene, Oregon. University of Oregon Library

C. L. Andrews Collection.

Edward Bushnell Collection.

James T. Gray Collection.

Kirke Johnson Collection.

Ed Kingsley Collection.

Charley Seymour Collection.

James Turnidge Collection.

Juneau, Alaska State Library

Aaro Aho Collection.

Fred Baker Collection.

Fred Best Collection.

John Bodenmann Collection.

Ben W. Booher Collection.

Kepner/Crane Collection.

John Maloney Collection.

Ray Moss Collection.

Nabesna Mining Co. Collection.

Shad Reid Collection.

Scipio Ratto Collection.

Juneau. Alaska State Archives

Department of Commerce and Economic Development. Record Group 08. Corporation Records.

Papers of the Governors of Alaska.

United States Commissioners Records. Record Group 305.

United States District Court of Alaska. Record Group 505. Mining Claims Recordings.

Fairbanks. Alaska. University of Alaska Archives

Alaska Commercial Company Collection.

Alaska Mining Collection.

Eskil Anderson Collection.

William B. Ballon Collection.

Alfred H. Brooks Collection.

Garret Busch Collection.

Frank Buteau Collection.

Charles L. Cadwallader Collection.

Stephen Capps Collection.

Thomas Donohue-John Ostramder Collection.

Eagle, Alaska Collection.

Lulu M. Fairbanks Collection.

Charles S. Farnsworth Collection.

Robert H. Fitzhugh Collection.

Fugitive Papers on Alaska.

James Geoghegan Collection.

Richard Geoghegan Collection.

Elizabeth H. Goddard Collection.

Margaret Harrais Collection.

Martin Harrais Collection.

Herbert Heller Collection

Louis Huber Collection.

Kennecott Copper Co. Collection.

Keystone Canyon Collection (microfilm 140, a compilation made by Claus Naske of Dept. of Justice Records, Record Group 60, National Archives).

L. A. Levensaler Collection.

Military Records Collection. (Fort Gibbon, 1906-11; Fort Egbert closing records).

George H. Pilcher Collection.

L. V. Ray Collection.

Cecil Robe Collection.

William Sulzer Collection.

Dan Sutherland Collection.

Joseph Ulmer Collection.

Waller and Hubbell Collection.

J. L. Waller Collection.

Menlo Park, California. United States Geological Survey Archives

A. Knopp Field Notebooks (1908).

A. G. Maldren Field Notebooks (1909).

Fred H. Moffit Field Notebooks (1 909).

L. M. Prindle Field Notebooks (1905).

F. C. Schrader Field Notebooks (1899).

Philip Smith Field Notebooks (1920).

Seattle, Washington. University of Washington Archives, Suzzallo Library

John E. Ballaine Collection.

John Berns Collection.

John Bufvers Collection.

James Carroll Collection.

William Dickey Collection.

Charles Garfield Collection.

Maurice A. Hartnett Collection.

Florence M. Hartshorn Collection.

Charles S. Hubbell Collection.

William D. Johns Collection.

Fred T. Merritt Collection.

William T. Perkins Collection.

Milnor Roberts Collection.

John Rosene Collection.

Washington, D.C. Library of Congress

Key Pittman Collection.

Gifford Pinchot Collection.

Riggs Family Collection.

II. Theses, Dissertations, Government Agency Reports and Unpublished Reports

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__. "Settlement Patterns," in Charles E. Holmes, "Supplementary Report: Sterling Highway Archeology, 1985-1986." Fairbanks: Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, 1986.

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III. Public Documents

United States Documents - By Author

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United States Documents - General

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IV. Newspapers

Alaska Forum, (Rampart) 1900-1902.

Alaska Weekly, 1923-35.

Chicago Daily Tribune, 1897-98.

Dyea Trail, 1898.

Fairbanks Daily News, 1903; 1905-11.

Juneau Mining Record, 1891.

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Yukon Press, 1894-99.

Other Alaska newspapers have been consulted for particular references and specific time periods.

V. Books

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VI. Articles

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