Golden Places
The History of Alaska-Yukon Mining
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In the course of researching and writing this study, I enjoyed the full support of Ken Schoenberg, Robert Spude, Leslie S. Hart, Kate Lidfors, Gene Griffin, and others at the Alaska Regional Office in Anchorage. All of these individuals read parts or all of my manuscript and provided valuable comment. Other readers whom I wish to thank include Sande Faulkner, Rolfe Buzzell, William Hanable, Jim Halloran, Jo Antonson, and Terrence Cole. Tom Bundtzen, a geologist with the state's Department of Natural Resources, has been particularly helpful on Kantishna mining. Professor Ronald C. Brown of Southwest Texas State University served as an "outside" reviewer as distinguished from the Alaskans named above. Robert Spude, once the supervisor of the project, became an "outside" expert and reviewer after taking up his new duties in Denver.

Librarians made significant contributions, including the very capable staff of the Alaska Resources Library in Anchorage, archivist Dennis Walle at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and other individuals there. I want to thank these librarians and those who helped me on research trips to the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the National Archives, the Library of Congress, the Alaska State Archives, the Alaska State Library, and other libraries (including that of the USGS at Menlo Park; Stanford University; University of Washington; Bancroft Library, University of California; Yukon Archives at Whitehorse). I worked with some folks I've known for many years and others new to me. My thanks to all these librarians.

Several typists helped prepare this manuscript, including Patty Ross, Lynn Fibranz, and Suzy Page. They are deserving of my deep appreciation, particularly Patty Ross, who did most of the work with speed, accuracy, and good humor.

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