Refined Burning Prescriptions for Yosemite National Park
NPS Occasional Paper No. 2
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I wish to express my thanks to three members of the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley: Professor H. H. Biswell for his inspiration, his guidance, and his confidence in the scientific application of fire; Professor L. C. Wensel for his insistence on sound research methods; and Professor F. W. Cobb for his ability to make one look beyond the trees.

Special thanks go to Mike Jani, who helped me with the field work, and to all the other Berkeley students who gave a helping hand. I am also indebted to the National Park Service for the use of their land and facilities, and especially to Lorne West, Ron Wilson, and Pat Rhoan.

I wish to express my appreciation to the University of California for use of its facilities, and for providing financial support and subsidized computer time.

Jan W. van Wagtendonk
Research Biologist
National Park Service
Yosemite National Park, California

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Last Updated: 01-Mar-2005