Fishes of the Yellowstone National Park
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Indigenous fishes

Introduced fishes

Fish culture in the park

Principal fishing waters

Fishing regulations

List of fishes
1. Montana grayling
2. Rocky Mountain whitefish
3. Redthroat trout; cutthroat trout; blackspotted trout
4. Rainbow trout
5. Scotch lake trout; Loch Leven trout
6. European brown trout; Von Behr trout
7. Lake trout; Mackinaw trout
8. Eastern brook trout; speckled trout
9. Yellow perch
10. Blob
11. Longnose sucker
12. Rosyside sucker
13. Chub
14. Silverside minnow
15. Longnose dace
16. Dusky dace

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Last Updated: 02-Apr-2007