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Norris Soldier Station
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PLATE 1. Capt. John Pitcher's plan for soldier stations at Yellowstone. Pitcher sent the T-shaped building plan to Capt. H. M. Chittenden as a guideline in 1901, several years before the present soldier station was built.

PLATE 2. Plan of the existing Norris Soldier Station, drawn by Historian Aubrey Haines. Many of Captain Pitcher's ideas were incorporated in the structure.

PLATE 3. Side elevations of the soldier station, prepared by the U. S. Army. The actual building varied but little from these plans.

PLATE 4. Front and rear elevations, also prepared by U. S. Army. The only significant changes made in the construction were concrete foundations and a concrete front porch in place of the logs above.

PLATE 5. The second soldier station at Norris, built in 1897, destroyed by fire in 1908. The small structure immediately to the left of the station was officers quarters. Also shown is the road to the right of the structure, the bridge across the river, a flagpole, a pole that probably was a telegraph line pole, and steps in the river emabankment. Photograph probably taken between 1904 and 1908. (Yellowstone NP Library, Album 14, No. 1479)

PLATE 6. The present Norris station as it appeared in 1913. The peculiar porch pillars have long since disappeared (and should be replaced), as have the elk horns on the gables. The main road lies in the foreground. (Yellowstone NP Archive, Office of the QM, Building Maintenance Record Book, Fort Yellowstone)

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