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1. Recommend archeological surveys for locations of nineteenth century historic features, which have not been covered by lake waters, as indicated on historical base maps. Archeological investigations were completed prior to the construction of Whiskeytown Lake and Dam, but without historic resource documentation, they provided only information on the Indian habitation. [1]

2. Recommend interpretation of placer, quartz, and copper mining history in southeast section of the park, featuring the Mount Shasta Mine, the cemetery, Clear Creek's gravel beds, and other identifiable historic traces.

3. Recommend further research in Shasta County Recorder of Deeds' office to locate early mining documents, such as local mining district bylaws, mine claims, and water rights within the Whiskeytown, French Gulch, and Shasta mining districts which pertain to park history.

4. Recommend an active park policy to interview on tape "old timers" in the area.

5. Recommend further inquiry among local families to locate and copy historic paintings and photographs, such as are in te possession of Mrs. Philena Hubbard, Charles Camden's granddaughter, or Mrs. Elta Proebstel, Whiskeytown's schoolteacher in 1913-14. [2]

6. Recommend interpretation of the Desmond Mine and machinery which still stand on the site. Off and on for more than half a century this mine continued to produce profits for the same local family, and it thus provides a wide range of local history themes for interpretation.

7. Recommend interpretation of the Sunshine Mine, even though the information on it is unclear. The mine site has no structures nor any visibly prominent mine drifts, but does have a large, concrete water reservoir and some fruit trees which present, in part, mining features unduplicated in other areas of the park.

8. Recommend restoration and interpretation of the Tower House Historic District as a local landmark which appeared on county and state maps for over a century.

9. Recommend interpretation of the Ganim Mine as a talc-producing mine—the only one in the county to date.

10. Recommend a continuous park policy of research in the Shasta Republican and Shasta Courier newspaper microfilm rolls at the Shasta County Public Library, Redding, to gather additional contemporary accounts of activities in the vicinity of Whiskeytown and the Tower House.

11. Recommend working with individuals or groups in French Gulch to cooperate in the development of a local history program. Likewise, to continue the close working relationship with Shasta State Historical Monument in Shasta.

12. Recommend further study and investigation of historic features thought to be traces of Clear Creek Canal. If these remains prove to be traces of the canal, recommend their nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

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Last Updated: 11-Dec-2009